Friday, 12 July 2013

The Metronome

Hi Peaches. Long time no speaky? 

I missed you too.  

I mean, blogging is tough.  And let's be honest here, silly, I can't promise you'll be seeing much more out of the woodwork...but, well, as this is a special occasion, I just had to let it all 

This late afternoon, I took to meandering down bittersweet, memory lane -- stopping at one golden summer consisting of carefree bliss and rock & rolly groove. This sacred time of my life is (one) I occasionally like to fall back on -- it was a spirited time when Mary was a wild, young hooligan in her finest teenage glory. 

Ermm…but let me explain. 

My darling brother and I resided in a desperately small, Northern mining town where daily amusements were about as lively as watching water drip from the ol’ tap.  Needless to say, things were static -- a sedate mixture of old timey folk, dull fashion and no scene to mix in with.  I was eagerly itching for an explosive force of vibrancy to spike the stale river of my quiet 15-year-old life.  Ka. Pow.

It began with the arrival of my brother’s band mates – head to toe in black; lugging heavy guitar and music equipment, dumping them in my basement and violently thrashing in the midst of the evening. The entire neighbourhood would vibrate with noise, causing domestic annoyance (poor mummy and daddy) yet sheer exhilaration to my tiny ears.  It was what I was waiting for and boy, I wanted in.  In like Flynn.

It’s cute now and makes me giggle – but suddenly, there I was, donning a signature pin-up style (before it was cool, kids) chock full of polka dotted dresses, a mane of curls and the reddest lips I could afford to get my freckled hands on.  With the colorful collaboration of my old class chum on his drums, my new pal plucking her bass and a microphone in my hand, we churned out a genre of music like no other (perhaps thankfully so) of edgy, lady-like swagger.  We called ourselves…Youth Diversion?


This, along with the others in the nouveau scene (like that of my talented brother) blew the tiny town out of the stale water.  It gave the younger kids something to idolize and frankly, something to do. 

We were scoundrels, we were silly and we were carefree; playing gigs (generally inebriated) and jamming out in my basement all summer long...(also, generally inebriated.)  

It was like a mini, tiny, teeny revolution.

Hell, we even won battle of the bands.  (Side note: I won best vocalist. Bragging rites)

That funny little summer was ten years ago, but I still smile about the days when my and my brother's band developed us all into temporary, small-town super stars.  My days of thinking that one day I'll split the industry wide open as an iconic rock dame have fizzled, most definitely.  However; I do ponder, what would that young hooligan think of Mary Taylor now? A boring old lady? Oh my...

I hope you enjoyed my scrumptious anecdote.  So, as to top off the treat with a cherry, I'll leave you with one of our "greatest" hits that I wrote years ago.  

Somewhat revised, but still the same ditty.  Hope you like...somewhat. 

The Metronome

A dose of my life,
It all seems so surreal, now,
I never chase
But I’m chasin’ on high heels
And I’m afraid of the sound of the stiletto click,
Where’s my brain?
And what’s my name?
I hear –tick tock , tick tock, tick tock, tick

I live by the metronome,
I sleep, ooh sleep by the clock,
When that alarm sounds off,
Time shifts, transists to the metronome again

Guess something’s loose in my mind,
No, forget about those gamblin’ debts,
Steal a sip,
Smooth away the lipstick,
Boxed up; a drunken maze,
When I slip-slip-slip-slip into a daze,
Tear in the ‘hose, blouse has a scratch,
Snap my fingers
Another glass,
That old bartender’s stash

I live by the metronome,
I sleep, ooh sleep by the clock,
God damn, that alarm sounds off,
Time shifts, transists to the metronome again

They’re shutin’ down
I’m still dancin’ the mambo,
No that’s a tango,
Metronome, I ain’t going home

Friday, 28 December 2012

Monty: April 2010 - Dec 2012

I love you.
I'll miss you.
My Tiny Man.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

The Fancy Season

Being a redhead = constant attention.  This I like.  Much much.
There’s not a day that goes by without someone bringing up my frock – including and not limited to strangers, friends, cuddly animals. It’s so pleasant, really-- initiating conversations so I don’t have to, capturing gazes, eliciting curiosity and countless inquisitions and even stirring up dreadful pick-up lines, shaking the earth with absurdity:
“I used to know nothing about redheads.  But then, I watched Brave.”
I’m sorry --- What?

Moving on, this ginger-mop, which layeth upon my crown allures plentiful acknowledgement wherever I may wander, graciously diverting attention away from my dreamy-eyed, slack-jawed and doltish expression I evince when deeply thinking on these walks (Deep thoughts being: “La la la la, I want a muffin.”)
It is peculiar; maybe, the positive reactions currently resonating from the color of my hair are in distinct contrast to what it used to be when I was a young lass (Oh no, here it goes…)
Way back then, being a ginger didn’t appear to be a good thing at all!  We were known only as carrot-tops, orange-haired (NEVER!!!!!!), vampires, and far too pale. Your. Mother.
One specific insult that comes to mind was in my grade school French class; where a poster matching emotions with an example of a cartoon child; there, under the caption of M├ęchant” was a nasty-tempered, freckled ginger.  I would look at this poster, with a disdained countenance, and think to myself: “Come on, really?”   
To make matters worse redheaded celebrities, models in beauty magazines and TV commercials were scarce to be seen -- making it tres deficil to seek an idol to relate to because red hair obviously was not perceived as beauty.  Exasperated with this perception, I smudged out my red with brunette; meaning years of struggling on a weekly basis to conceal my feisty roots.  To no avail.
Fast forward to the present (via DeLorean) and an accidental tinted-shampoo experiment, reverting my locks to its natural hue, the world and I now relish red hair!  It’s about time!
Indeed, I embrace what is my mine and shan’t dare to change it again. My mother calls this: “Coming into your own.” 
From “Uh, you’re a redhead” to “Oh! You’re a redhead!” is a wonderful transition which leads me to confess such a fondness for mein coiffe that I even turn a bit snippy when I see a dyed ginger.  Oh no, you did not. 

Here’s the thing: what’s natural to you is what suits you best.  You are a made-to-measure organism – so the colors, tones and shapes of you are carefully detailed to fit your peachy little package. And to all my gingers out there, don’t heed those nonsense fashion laws that dictate what colors you can and cannot wear – WEAR THEM! (Including pink! Hurray!)

Ergo, I adore being a ginger and am terribly proud of it. 

Now, who is giddy with holiday cheer? Oh me, choose me!
Fashionistas and Fashionistos (that must mean Fancy-Men Folk) are sure to be randy for holiday wear!  Shimmering silvers, marshmallow whites, glowing reds? Si. 
I, for one, am eagerly planning my holiday outfits (and am currently nibbling my fingernails with anticipation) with looks that branch from Christmas parties, cold-weather cozies and cabin getaways with Wham! (if only) 
It's just not Christmas without them

Quick! Take a gander!

Look #1: Vintage Jewel and Ember

My personal favorite!  Perfect for holiday gatherings with friends and family – a look that is both elegant and demure.  Oh so you.

Pulled from:
Club Monaco Nari Dress
Top Shop Medium Faux Fur Collar
Ninewest LoveFury Leopard Print Pointed Toe
Etsy Tossed-Treasures Boutique Earrings

Look #2: Toasty Up

Keep warm – look cute.  A sweet collection for trips to the cabin (with Wham!) coffee dates and various other casual festivities.

Pulled from:
BB Dakota Corinth Cable Sweater
ModCloth Team Cocoa Leggings
ModCloth Heart-Warming Gloves
ModCloth Hat to Break it to you
Brown’s Shoes Sperry Topsider

Look #3: Charming, Darling

Again, I cherish the fashion of the 60s and I also like dressing as a substitute teacher or librarian. 

Pulled from:
H&M Turtleneck
G-Market Korea Dinu Tweed
Brown’s Shoes Blondo Boot
ModCloth My Heart Skipped Beat Tights
Anthropologie Wrought Helena Drops & Vivi Bracelet

Look #4: Silent Night – Not Tonight

Oh clever!  How I love a sequined dress for holiday parties!  And those shoes? Droolworthy.  Here, I mixed gold, silver, black and berry to create this dashing look.

Pulled from:
BB Dakota Neva Dress
The Outnet - Miu Miu Satin Platform Pumps
Ruche Vintage Treasure Bow Ring
Etsy Hoss and Goose Boutique Vintage Clutch

Monty has also decided that his holiday garb will be adding more girth around his neck and tum-tum, despite my best efforts to keep him lean.  

You rang?

This is a battle I cannot win but if he is inclined towards a chubby demeanor, I’ll let it be so (begrudgingly.)

Plenty of Kisses,


PS I sincerely apologize for my neglect as of recent! I will try with all my might to write at least once a week!

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Love, My Lips

Hey God, are you up there? Are you listening?

Ok great! Cuz I got a new blog that needs some readin'. 

Ever have one of those days when you presume you are the greatest thing living to date? Well, I sure did!  In fact, it was just the other day. 

It happened as I was strollin’ about town with chin high (enough to graze a cloud), decked out to the 9s, and ready to smack the world on the BE-HIND. You see I reckoned I must have looked pretty fine on account of the numerous passing folk that were giving eyeing me up which nourished my ego quite scrumptiously.  As a matter of fact, a lady, seemingly out to lunch, even yelled something at me from across the yard which I failed to discern due to my swagger
It wasn’t until checking my compact mirror on the status of my lipstick that I realized, with tumultuous horror, that those gazes correlated to the fact that my eyeliner had leaked something nasty across my faceon only one eye.  Like a medicine ball had been punted directly to my face (slight exaggeration.)
Suddenly it became clear what that lady was shouting, earlier on:
“Miss, are you all right?!”
Well, shi….
For those of you that are concerned, my lipstick remained picture perfect.
Mary – 1.  Life – 1.  That’s a tie now, Life; you best watch how you play this game from now on.  Yes, my dignity may have performed a backwards somersault, but the important stuff stayed cool: the lips, because they got to. J’adore le Rouge a Levres.  Oui, J’adore beaucoup.

It’s a sentimental buying experience really, quite like buying candy (and y’all know I got a fancy for candy) except one thousand times better – it’s the warm, cozy-type, feel-good purchase that is the perfect addition to any emotion. 
Feeling blue? Lipstick.
Accomplished something? Lipstick.
Accomplished nothing? Lipstick.
Went shopping? You should buy a lipstick to go with it.
Have no money? You probably shouldn’t buy lipstick this time.  

Great for no make-up days, great for finishing a dolled up look; whether it’s stick, gloss or stain, it’s all nuzzled within a nook of my heart (and favorite things list!) One might say, too much so.

Truth: I am the proud owner of an abounding collection of lippies, healthy and steady in growth. Look at these sweet little babies and tell me you could say no as they shout “Wear me! I’ll look so pretty!” 
One can never have enough lipstick, like one can never say, “Yup, I will never need another pair of shoes again.”  Or “Ok, my closet will now last me for the rest of eternity.”
Dream on, Silly-Billys.
Now, you may ask, where do you wear all of these?  Quite simply, really.  I do with my lippy collection what I do with my closet – organize into categories – life & style categories that keep them fresh & rotated.
Let me show you how, tiny grasshoppers. 

When to Wear: 

Juste Moi
Hitting the gym, grabbing groceries, or nothing remotely as useful? This is your MLBB (my lips but better), “no make-up” make-up, emphasizing what your mama gave you (sorry mama). 
What you’re looking for: Accentuating your natural lip
I like to wear: Burts Bees Lipshimmer in Champagne, Sephora Collection Glossy Gloss in Royal Icing, Urban Decay Lip Love in Drizzle
When to wear: Lazy days, running errands
Color Suggestions: Anything neutral to your lip tone.

Ladylike Lovely:
I’m kind of in love with lunch dates.
I always think: dressing up for teatime.  I’ve actually devoted an entire section of my wardrobe to lunch dates...and apparently my lip collection too!
What you’re looking for: A soft pop of color, brightening while not being overpowering.   
I like to wear: Korres Lip Butter Glaze in Crocus (Worn in my latest video), Smashbox O-GLOSS, Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment Rose  
When to wear: Lunch dates, tea dates, at work, interviews
Color Suggestions: Mauve, Watermelon-Pink, Soft Pink, Peach, Caramel

Little Red Lips:
Equivalent to that LBD, EV-ERY lady needs a LRL! So fabulous, seductive and classic –wish I could wear one all the time! (I also wish that life was like a musical, where everyone sang their feelings instead of eating them)
What you’re looking for: A Red-tone suited to you – are you warm, cool or neutral? Warms - reds that have an orange undertone, Cool - blue undertone. Neutrals - both but also look great in true reds.
I like to wear: Lush Lip Tint A Million Kisses, Bourjois Sweet Kiss Lipstick in Rose Seduisant, Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment Passion. Falling head over heals for Guerlain Rouge G de Guerlain in Girly (not yet purchased but will be mine someday) Love Guerlain. 
When to wear: All occasions! Day and night! Hint: A Cranberry would go fabulous at a Holiday Party
Color Suggestions: True Red, Orange-Red, Blue-Red. Try a Pinkish-Red (my new fav)

Foxy Out on the Town:
Pumps. Club dress. Clutch. Shots. Lips.  Let’s work it. 
What you’re looking for: A glam color statement.  
I like to wear: YSL Rouge Volupte in Rose Culte, Cover FX Mint Tint in Merlot, MAC Dare to Wear Gimme That!
When to wear: Date night, Clubbing, Events
Color Suggestions: Hot Pink, Fuschia, Vampy Plums, Orange, Coral

That’s just a smidgen.  Like?

 What I wore today:

Ah, I am happiest when dressed up -- no excuses needed, for any day, everyday.  Such a fun way to express creativity to wear an outfit that is all my own: A Mary Taylor Outfit, YEAH! 
Golly, I have a constant hankering to strut around in a skirt (dresses, too!) Makes me feel like a true lady and let's me channel my favorite fashion era, the 60s! 

 Top: Black Turtleneck (mmmmm) from H&M. Toasty, cozy AND sexy?!...that's a deadly combination. 

Bottom: Plaid Skirt from BB Dakota. Such a great piece! 

PS. Who's super ecstatic about Obama for the win? 
No, I know we're not in the US but I think it's so great to see so much passion in Canadian Youth about politics -- instead of Reality TV or ourselves.  With this much interest, we certainly could shoo off Old Painty-Can Harper out of the political picture! 

Well my dearies, it’s been a pleasure.  I’ll ring you soon (with another blog entry coming this week, that is)

Plenty of Kisses,