Sunday, 25 November 2012

The Fancy Season

Being a redhead = constant attention.  This I like.  Much much.
There’s not a day that goes by without someone bringing up my frock – including and not limited to strangers, friends, cuddly animals. It’s so pleasant, really-- initiating conversations so I don’t have to, capturing gazes, eliciting curiosity and countless inquisitions and even stirring up dreadful pick-up lines, shaking the earth with absurdity:
“I used to know nothing about redheads.  But then, I watched Brave.”
I’m sorry --- What?

Moving on, this ginger-mop, which layeth upon my crown allures plentiful acknowledgement wherever I may wander, graciously diverting attention away from my dreamy-eyed, slack-jawed and doltish expression I evince when deeply thinking on these walks (Deep thoughts being: “La la la la, I want a muffin.”)
It is peculiar; maybe, the positive reactions currently resonating from the color of my hair are in distinct contrast to what it used to be when I was a young lass (Oh no, here it goes…)
Way back then, being a ginger didn’t appear to be a good thing at all!  We were known only as carrot-tops, orange-haired (NEVER!!!!!!), vampires, and far too pale. Your. Mother.
One specific insult that comes to mind was in my grade school French class; where a poster matching emotions with an example of a cartoon child; there, under the caption of M├ęchant” was a nasty-tempered, freckled ginger.  I would look at this poster, with a disdained countenance, and think to myself: “Come on, really?”   
To make matters worse redheaded celebrities, models in beauty magazines and TV commercials were scarce to be seen -- making it tres deficil to seek an idol to relate to because red hair obviously was not perceived as beauty.  Exasperated with this perception, I smudged out my red with brunette; meaning years of struggling on a weekly basis to conceal my feisty roots.  To no avail.
Fast forward to the present (via DeLorean) and an accidental tinted-shampoo experiment, reverting my locks to its natural hue, the world and I now relish red hair!  It’s about time!
Indeed, I embrace what is my mine and shan’t dare to change it again. My mother calls this: “Coming into your own.” 
From “Uh, you’re a redhead” to “Oh! You’re a redhead!” is a wonderful transition which leads me to confess such a fondness for mein coiffe that I even turn a bit snippy when I see a dyed ginger.  Oh no, you did not. 

Here’s the thing: what’s natural to you is what suits you best.  You are a made-to-measure organism – so the colors, tones and shapes of you are carefully detailed to fit your peachy little package. And to all my gingers out there, don’t heed those nonsense fashion laws that dictate what colors you can and cannot wear – WEAR THEM! (Including pink! Hurray!)

Ergo, I adore being a ginger and am terribly proud of it. 

Now, who is giddy with holiday cheer? Oh me, choose me!
Fashionistas and Fashionistos (that must mean Fancy-Men Folk) are sure to be randy for holiday wear!  Shimmering silvers, marshmallow whites, glowing reds? Si. 
I, for one, am eagerly planning my holiday outfits (and am currently nibbling my fingernails with anticipation) with looks that branch from Christmas parties, cold-weather cozies and cabin getaways with Wham! (if only) 
It's just not Christmas without them

Quick! Take a gander!

Look #1: Vintage Jewel and Ember

My personal favorite!  Perfect for holiday gatherings with friends and family – a look that is both elegant and demure.  Oh so you.

Pulled from:
Club Monaco Nari Dress
Top Shop Medium Faux Fur Collar
Ninewest LoveFury Leopard Print Pointed Toe
Etsy Tossed-Treasures Boutique Earrings

Look #2: Toasty Up

Keep warm – look cute.  A sweet collection for trips to the cabin (with Wham!) coffee dates and various other casual festivities.

Pulled from:
BB Dakota Corinth Cable Sweater
ModCloth Team Cocoa Leggings
ModCloth Heart-Warming Gloves
ModCloth Hat to Break it to you
Brown’s Shoes Sperry Topsider

Look #3: Charming, Darling

Again, I cherish the fashion of the 60s and I also like dressing as a substitute teacher or librarian. 

Pulled from:
H&M Turtleneck
G-Market Korea Dinu Tweed
Brown’s Shoes Blondo Boot
ModCloth My Heart Skipped Beat Tights
Anthropologie Wrought Helena Drops & Vivi Bracelet

Look #4: Silent Night – Not Tonight

Oh clever!  How I love a sequined dress for holiday parties!  And those shoes? Droolworthy.  Here, I mixed gold, silver, black and berry to create this dashing look.

Pulled from:
BB Dakota Neva Dress
The Outnet - Miu Miu Satin Platform Pumps
Ruche Vintage Treasure Bow Ring
Etsy Hoss and Goose Boutique Vintage Clutch

Monty has also decided that his holiday garb will be adding more girth around his neck and tum-tum, despite my best efforts to keep him lean.  

You rang?

This is a battle I cannot win but if he is inclined towards a chubby demeanor, I’ll let it be so (begrudgingly.)

Plenty of Kisses,


PS I sincerely apologize for my neglect as of recent! I will try with all my might to write at least once a week!

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