Tuesday, 23 October 2012

My friend the ground up Coffee Bean

Oh my Goshhow do you do?  
I am delighted to share with you fancy people my very first blog post (VOILA!).   
Wilkommen to GermanCake; the casual chit-chat, gossip blog spot broadcasting topics such as various girly things which make life delightful – fashion, beauty, food and miscellaneous excerpts about books or films.  It’s safe to say, it’s about things...that....I like (and hope you will too!)

Fabulous.  Let’s get started.

I started my morning desiring a rush of delicious caffeine. Being that I am somewhat of a poor person, I lack that coffee brewing contraption (oh the luxury, you lucky ones!), so I substituted machine for ancient, caveman tricks and made what is called “Mountain Coffee”.  It’s quite tasty; a little grainy maybe, but beggars can’t be choosers.  Essentially you boil a cup of water with a tablespoon or two (depending on your fancy) of ground coffee and once finished, pour the coffee through a strainer so as to get those nasty grounds out.  Then add soy (or milk, whatever.)  

I pondered to myself, after indulging in my DIY hot beverage, what is one to do with all of these leftover coffee grounds?  I’m not one to waste, so I made the obvious choice – put them on my face. 

Results?  Hell yes.  This masterful exfoliant left my dull, sad skin looking fresh and new!; sloughing off  dead skin and brightening, brightening, brightening (yay!).  Honestly, I preferred the instant results of this cheapo, innovative idea of the moment (the coffee grounds) to some expensive exfoliators I’ve used in the past.  But, let's be truthful, I am not the first to discover the glory of caffeine in skincare (claim to fame idea: ruined).  You may all be well aware of the use of caffeine as an effective ingredient in most products on the market today.  So, it's not just for ingesting on grumpy mornings (all mornings).  It's amazing for faces and bodies, too! Now, what exactly makes caffeine so special?

1) Caffeine has anti-inflammatory benefits for the surface of the skin, helping to reduce redness, discoloration and puffiness (hence why it’s in a lot of eye creams!).  And furthermore HENCE the brightening I had mentioned!
      2)Caffeine is an anti-oxidant. Banish those free radicals, protect your face! 
      3)LiveStrong.com says that the grounds contain caffeic acid which also “stimulates collagen production” (http://www.livestrong.com/article/103338-natural-home-remedies-exfoliate-skin/)

Ohhhh, now I see!  

Yes, this girl does look for alternatives to that pricey skincare regime.  I do it all the time -- sometimes the best methods for caring for your face, fighting aging and protecting from damage can be found in the aisles of your grocery store! As this is my first blog, you'll forgive me for no before and after pictures (but NEXT time!) But ask for you, try it! See what it does for you and tell me about it! Because you know what? I'm kind of in LOVE with it. 

(But be sensible: for myself, I have sensitive/combination skin and wouldn't recommend exfoliating more than twice a week.  Look into your skin type first before your go all wild with the scrubbing.) 

On another note, here’s what I wore today.

Casual Day:

I love my hat – my little Russian winter hat (name?).  It always makes me feel luxurious and vintage; like an exquisitely chic and wealthy-socialite devotchka depicted in Doctor Zhivago.  
I lied.  I didn’t wear this ALL day today, it’s not quite cold enough yet.  
I have been reading Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy so I became inspired and eager to pull this beau chapeau out of my winter box and wear it as I read. That sounds so sad...
I purchased it two years ago at fabulousfurs.com (a faux-fur online boutique). I’m thinking about buying this one in “Silver Fox.”  That would go great with my ginger mop!

Top: Effortlessly cute, plaid shirt from Club Monaco (Menswear, but so soft and cozy)

I'm reading a good book...no, that doesn't justify it:

As I previously mentioned, I have been reading Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy (there’s going to be a motion picture coming soon, don’t you know!)  I love, love, love to read and this one is becoming a fast favorite (on pg. 78 out of 700)  I am absolutely captivated by it: the writing is so warm, smooth and satisfying. 
For example:
“But while she looked like a butterfly, clinging to a blade of grass, and just about to open its rainbow wings for fresh flight, her heart ached with horrible despair.”
I just...wow.  It really moved me, that one.

I love this book.  Apparently, so does Monty.

Well, thank you for reading my daily tid-bit, I hope you enjoyed it and will tune in for more!

Plenty of kisses,



  1. I use coffee grinds for exfoliant on my legs - smoothest skin EVER achieved!

    [PS Welcome to the Blog-O-sphere, girl!]