Friday, 2 November 2012

Video Killed Today's Blogpost

All the single ladies, all the single ladies – Put your hands up.  Now put them back down and resume reading.
I’m in a wee state of bewilderment; so don’t mind me as I toss some questions into the blogosphere.  Like: what’s the deal with dating these days and how does it even work?  Do people still go out on proper dates?  Don’t men still make the first move? Is anyone listening to me?
At first I thought: Hey now, here I am! Fresh out of the oven (the relationship kind) ready to try this out.  And now I’m getting stale on the day-old rack.  I had a comically awkward situation just the other day at my work: a Sweet-Tall-And-Handsome man and I commenced flirtations – starting first with salutations, a genuine, mutual interest, then fizzling out into awkward fumbling and a pathetic and confusing goodbye. Niiiiiiiice!
In this giant big fish bowl that is life, the Sweet-Tall-And-Handsome variety don’t seem to go much out of their way to make themselves apparent, allowing ample room and opportunity for the not quite as pleasant Pushy-Moderately-Creepy species. B-b-b-but why?   
It shouldn’t take a snifter of liquid courage to woo for affection so why the fear of rejection (rhyming: not on purpose); just make a bloody move! Girls still like it, don’t you know! (Note: To the ladies who prefer to make the first move, I solemnly commend you)  
Call me what you will (No, don’t), namely old fashioned but remember the good old days when all it took was someone to ask you to dance the Virginia Reel?  No I can’t say I remember either as that may have been over 200 years ago.  
"I'm having such a splendid time!"
But what about those timeless romances of the 1950s we hear about – where He swept Her off Her feet over some superfluous dialogue, sharing one Cola with two straws (Sigh.)  Where neither parties were sauced (the majority of the time.)

Observe Brad and Brenda in their typical club-type atmosphere (which strangely resembles a kitchen.) Let us not wander down that dreary road.
Then again, I could just be a silly romantic whose expectations are rather absurd. Maybe I’m asking a bit too much of Jon Hamm to pick me up in a limousine and fly me to the moon in his rocket car (I have yet to put my finger on why.) 

However, ladies and gentlemen, being single has its perks
It’s like swimming in the fish bowl with water wings; nobody can make you sink (except maybe Kevin Costner as “The Mariner” in Water World). And for that, I certainly enjoy it.

Och, well.  Single or no, we’ve got to look our damned finest on a daily basis (it's the law.) So you’ll be pleased as punch that I’ve cut down on the nattering on this special occasion to debut GermanCake’s Short-Film A La Makeup-Tutorial (Note to self: Enrol in French Lessons.) 
The first video blog to go up on GermanCake (Oh my goodness!)

This fast-paced, quickie tutorial is a nutshell (oh Synonyms) of how I do my Daily Make-Up Routine: a fine, simple, natural look that features a rosy-bronzed glow with a demure cat eye. Now how do you like that? As with everything Mary, the tutorial is dramatic, bursting at the seems with makeup, dancing, funny concentration faces and a Monty cameoOh you'd best be pleased.  

The Look:

                                        That's a nice facial expression, Mary

Eeeeek! Here it goes!

Note: I’m not a professional, I just have fun in front of my vanity and hope you will too. 

What I used:

Note: I don’t wear foundation, so if you do, just put it on before concealer. 

Concealer: Estee Lauder Double-Wear Light 01
Bronzer: Josie Maran Argan Brightening Bronzer Sun Spot Corrector
Blush: Guerlain Terracota Blondes 02
Illuminator: Josie Maran Argan Illuminizingr Powder


Primer: Urban Decay Primer Potion
Eyeshadow: Mac Gesso (Base), MacWedge (Crease), Mac Phloof (Inner rims, Brow Highlight)
Mascara: Josie Maran GOGO Instant Natural Volume Argan Mascara & Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen
Eyeliner: Clarins Instant Liner, Mac Deep Truth (on top)
Note: I love to mix my black liner with dark blue – Brightening the eyes whilst creating drama 


Lipstick: Estee Lauder Double Wear Lipstick Stay Mauve
Lipgloss: Korres Crocus Lip Butter

Oh I hope you enjoyed it!  Don't forget to comment and subscribe! DON'T!

Plenty of kisses,


P.S Next time on GermanCake: My gigantic collection of lipstick and why it's bueno 


  1. I especially liked the music that went with the tutorial!

  2. Hey thanks! Glad you lined it! It's Saint Privat!